Free Months of The Year Worksheets

Learning the months of the year is an important unit for young kids.

We can make teach kids the names of the months and the correct order the easy way! With the help of these months of the year worksheets!

This worksheet set is a great tool for parents and teachers.

Best of all, you can download these worksheets for FREE at the end of this post.

Free Printable Months of The Year Worksheets

We all know that concept of time can be a little fuzzy for young children.

This months of the year activity set is a great way for kids to learn all about the months of the year. (I love to use these for kindergarten worksheets all the way up to grade six).

This fun and easy set of worksheets helps children learn the names, spellings, and correct order of the months of the year. This set of worksheets includes 12 worksheets from January to December. Each worksheet includes the following:

  • Month name
  • List what comes before and after each month
  • Color the month
  • Trace the month (spelling)
  • Circle what season the month comes in
  • Write how many syllables are in the month
  • Cirlce how many days are in the month
  • Unscramble the word
  • Circle the month from the list of months

It will help the young kids in your life learn:

  • Order the Months
  • Names of the Months
  • Spellings of the months
  • First and last month of the year
  • Seasons of the year

Creative ways to Use Your Months of the Year Worksheets

  • Use in your morning meeting.
  • Use as monthly lesson plans
  • Discuss the order of the months and the different seasons and themes attached to each monthr
  • Draw attention to any special events for the month (birthdays or holidays!)
  • Use the worksheets as a fun first-of-the-month activity
  • Discuss the days of the week. Talk about today's date. Today is Thursday October 5
  • Talk about tomorrow and yesterday. Use the worksheets to help kids learn the sequence of the months.
  • Discuss what a leap year
  • Create months of the year flashcards (not included in this download - just a fun idea!)

Please note: These free digital files are for personal use only. They will come delivered as a PDF file. This digital download is not to be shared.


Snag your free printable worksheets here:

Final Thoughts on Printable Months of the Year Worksheets

So whether you have a 1st grade child or student, 2nd grade kiddo, or 3rd grade learner (or any other age other) these months of the year printables will be the perfect addition to your home or classroom.

Take the easy way out with the help of this worksheet set!

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